The Stars are Up

by alittlehoneyformyheart


So on the third day of Hari Raya i finally got into the mood because i thought “what the heck, when else do you get to hang out at a bunch of your friends’ houses five times a day, get a full meal provided at each stop and have them serve you drinks? And have a buttload of snacks on the ready. Oh and also have them give you green envelopes filled with money each time?” Bam. So that’s how i got over my Raya reluctance. And also because my boyfriend made me tag along to all of his friends’ houses too (i have no idea how he has more houses to visit than i do considering he’s the foreigner and i’ve lived in Brunei for my entire life?). 

Anyway, to get into the whole feel of the glitz and glitter that typical Raya outfits bring, i painted my nails a lovely subtle shimmer. It’s not quite evident in the pictures but the base is actually a pale mauve shimmer with a top coat of gold flecks of circular glitter. K long description there.


I got this set of nail polishes from my aunt who just got back from London and they are from Primark. We most definitely do not have a Primark here in Brunei (we don’t even have a proper Marks and Spencers, it’s just a few outlets selling overpriced biscuits and cookies #sadface) but from what i know Primark is sort of a budget store so i wasn’t expecting too much, also considering my aunt got these about three months ago and forgot to give them to me. But strangely, they work really well and have really good pigmentation. I hardly needed a second coat but since i like my manicures thick and opaque i went for a second base coat anyway. 


So i used these two (first two from the left in the picture before) and i am actually in love with my top coat. I usually have bad experiences, okay not bad just unpleasant experiences when using glitter flecks because they never stick unto the brush so i just end up with a bumpy manicure with about four top coats of varnish and like three flecks of glitter. But this one picked up perfectly! 

So i’d say four stars out of five (because shimmer/glitter isn’t actually my type, i’m more of a matte person) for exceeding expectations!