by alittlehoneyformyheart

Two words.

Hello giggles.

In case it doesn’t ring a bell, Hello Giggles is an online magazine which caters to girls and women who harbour interests covering a wide range of topics from fashion, to healthy eating, to current female role models to politics and etc. (all completely SFW).  It also happens to be my favourite website in the world (alongside Rookiemag). So JC Penny happens to front her own online column called Champagne Problems where she addresses problems in real life which aren’t life threatening and yet undeniably strike a nerve or ten. First world problems if you may. But in this video, she talks about having gratitude for things around you which in turn, results in a complete change in your energy causing a more positive turn of events.

I really identified with this video for a couple of reasons. Why? Because one, i swear i’ve actually been to one of those cult-ish seminars that she refers to. They were pretty happy alright, i mean i guess i would be too if i was paid two thousand smackers to hug and to tell people to smell the flowers. Secondly, i’ve been feeling a whole lot of gratitude lately for almost everything. Idk there has just been an overactive release of endorphins throughout my being lately. I think about all the lectures i have to start attending next week and i just get this surge of pride and energy that yay! I have a university to go to. I have all these opportunities to do something and improve myself. Oh look there’s a chance for success! Oh over there is an opportunity for me to do something big! And there! And there there oh look there too! And after classes, i have a boyfriend who will pick me up and take me out to dinner and to cuddle with after that! And ooh i have all these lovely collages to create at home and all these pretty materials to cut up and stick everywhere. And books to read! And makeup and clothes to wear!

Okay i realize now that it sounds like i’m bragging but i’m really not. I just feel so thankful for every single thing in my life at the moment. I know it won’t necessarily be like this all the time, i obviously won’t be on a high 24/7 but as of the moment,  life is good and right now, i really believe that a positive outlook can change everything.