At the risk of being healthy…

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I’ve been extremely quiet these past few days, in the real world as well as in the virtual one. I’ve injured myself. Badly.

I was planning on posting pictures of my bruises but didn’t feel like marring my blog with pictures of gore. Haha. Anyway, it all started with my first spinning class on Wednesday. It’s actually quite funny because instead of booking us for the beginners class my friend whom i went with booked us for the advanced class with the same time slot.

I suppose i should’ve guessed what with everyone else seeming to know each other and the stealth in which the got on their bikes. And i know i should’ve done more research on the class before enthusiastically putting my well being on the line but i had no freakin idea it would be so damn tiring to cycle standing up!

So let’s see. Altogether, i fell three times on my bike with my feet still very much secured unto the pedals, giving the impression of a ginormous pair of buffalo wings which went very well with the squawk i let out each time my knees gave in. And another twelve times after i got home. At one point i was talking to my mother and the next second i just collapsed onto the floor. That’s how weak my knees were.

Then the next day i fell another two times when my mind wandered somewhere other than my knees for two seconds and the next thing i knew i was on the ground with my drink splattered everywhere. But that’s not the worst, the worst only came the next day when the pain finally kicked in. I couldn’t sit, i couldn’t eat, i’d cry going down the stairs, even just lying down hurt plus i was so tired because i couldn’t sleep for more than half an hour each time cause it was just agony. I actually lost two kgs within the three days. 

But thank God, i regularly took the pills the doctor prescribed (mostly pain killers as well as some muscle relaxant because she said i tore something), had enough bed rest for three days, religiously slathered myself in analgesic cream and now i feel much better. Although there was a terrible side effect from one of the analgesic creams i was using, it said on the package that there was a possibility of it being absorbed into our blood and excess usage might cause bleeding. And with me being all eager to heal, i applied it frequently causing my urine to come out black. Literally like black coffee. Which petrified me. But i digress.

Okay to add to the suckiness of it all, this week was orientation week. Yeah. And today was actually the first day of lectures but guess who was stuck in bed? Yea got that right, ME. But i’m praying and praying that i’ll heal faster because i need to get off my bum and off to uni.

Kisses from me to you!