by alittlehoneyformyheart

I finally did it.

I passed my driver’s ed. I could cry with joy.

It’s is actually such a big deal for me because no one believes this but i actually already started my classes in December. But due to a lot of delays and cancellations and postponement (my classes are only once a week on Sunday mornings = not the best news when you wake up with a hangover), it’s stretched all the way until now. Idk but in the past few months apparently it has been everyone’s favourite question to ask/annoy me with. Everyone would come up to me and ask me, first thing, “hey what’s up with your driving license? Can you drive yet?”repeatedly. Each time i wanted to punch them in the gob. Repeatedly.

But i finally did it i did it i did it!

With the help of a whole lot of luck and a handful of blessings too of course :’) 

I was so nervous i almost shat myself tho.