Be kind

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I got into an emotional breakdown yesterday. 

It was actually more horrendous than usual because it was with my boyfriend. And unlike the times in the past when he has been more understanding, this time he sort of was more intent on having his say rather than letting me carry on. Which i think is perfectly within his rights.

But it was still terrible. I guess what with all the fat remarks going around like literally every group i hang out with there has to be some insensitive prick who makes the most impossible remark, completely unprovoked. Like this skinny bitch who asked me if my boyfriend wasn’t eating his share of food, implying that i’ve been doing so. Lol. I just. Don’t. Get. It.

So i was having lunch with my boyfriend and the lighting was pretty bad because we were sitting facing the window and suddenly he goes, “Hey don’t you think you should use that cream for your pimples?”. And i don’t know about you guys but at that moment in time, i just felt like i was losing it. I’ve been told i’m getting uglier by almost every single person i’ve come across in the past three months, do i really need it from the only person i can now seek solace from? 

I completely lost my mood after that and in the car, we both just lost it at each other. Somehow about an hour later or less than that, we made up, like we always do. He explained that he was merely giving his opinion and normally i would accept that but this time i just pushed my own reasons for my blowing up like that. And he eventually understood it and let me cry it out. I know it sounds like i’m some whiny bitch but it all just came crashing down.

I never had any idea how insensitive the people around me are. Not even a clue.

I’m trying dammit. I’m trying.