I don’t believe in “snapping”

by alittlehoneyformyheart


Oh my God. I found it. I finally found it. The moment i saw it, a buzz went right through me because i have been searching for this book everywhere. I know it looks a bit odd a person of my age carrying around a book meant for kids starting at the age of 7 but idgaf, The Magic Faraway Tree is amazing. My aunt actually got this for me as a Christmas present when i was eight and i read it so frequently that it eventually literally fell apart and i lost a whole load of pages. I came across like a few different versions during my search but it was never the complete full three in one set like this one. And now it’s finally here! It’s finally back in my life!

Although i must say there has been a few minor changes (although i must say it is pretty significant for someone who knows and loves the book as well as i do) which have sort of tweaked the essence of what the book represented for me even as a child. Obviously, the alterations are a result of modern day ethics which i sympathize with but also think is pretty rubbish. Like for example, instead of Jo, Beth and Fanny, the kids are called Joe, Beth and Frannie. Clearly because to put it simply, in  the more recent British culture– one that clearly did not exist during Enid Blyton’s time– “fanny” vulgarly refers to a “woman’s genitals”. Another thing which sort of really irked me was that Dame Slaps-a-lot was actually changed to Dame Snap. It actually changed the whole structure of the chapter which sucked. Like, who the hell has the students walk past the teacher in a line while she snaps loudly into their ears?! W.T.F. And when they get out from their aeroplane at the beginning they each get a smack, but here she “snaps loudly” at them instead. Awkz.

I mean obviously i understand the gist of it what with physical punishments in educational institutions being very taboo at this age, God knows i’d sue if one of my teachers ever landed a finger on anyone i loved but seriously, any educated person would understand time placement. Clearly, the reader would know that we’re reading a classic children’s book published decades ago and that ethics have changed since then. We can’t just take all the classics and censor them to fit our modern views, can we? Am i the only one who doesn’t see sense in this? Or is it only because i’m speaking from an adult’s point of view?