Let the good times roll

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Today is unofficially my last day working for the production house!

I say unofficially because i’ve gotten myself a few side jobs already (one as a transcripter and the other as an English tutor for my boss’ son), just for some extra cash to keep me comfortable.

So technically, that leaves me with approximately two weeks of free time before “Fresher’s Week” begins. I’ve already got a few things to keep me occupied with but i’ll be posting a bucket list i’ve made for myself to complete during this mini holiday! Yayyers!

On the other hand, i’m planning on completing a few crafts. Like picking up on my crocheting perhaps. And i definitely want to start on my future wedding collage.

Lol i know what you’re thinking. But i don’t care. I’ve already bought myself marriage themed stickers.