I really do hate goodbyes

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Why is it that no one ever mentions how hard it is to resign from your job?

I’ve told both my manager and my boss (very painstakingly) that i’m starting university next month and so far they’ve been quite gracious about it. But i still can’t bear to hand in my resignation letter! I’ve tried googling everything from what to do to what NOT to do but i can’t find anything mentioning the best time to hand in the letter.

Should i wait til he’s in a good mood?

Should he (my manager) be busy so he won’t be too distracted by my letter, or should i wait til he’s free enough to read it immediately?

Should i give another explanation as i pass it to him or should i just hand it to him on his table seeing as i already told him about it before?


I feel so bad.

I’m more concerned about how my manager will handle it considering i am his PA after all.

On a different note, I get attached to places really easily. It’s really easy for places to gain sentimental value when it comes to me.

It also doesn’t help that i met my boyfriend there and the office holds a lot of dear memories for me.

Ending abruptly.