This is how i visualize it all to be

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Me and my boyfriend of seven months definitely have our differences. Not overbearing ones which affect our relationship to a great extent but they are there as there will be for every other couple. I’m more of a spontaneous gal while he’s much more calculating and sensible. I see myself travelling the world living the high life while he’s looking forward to me graduating so we can just START already. Lol. So i asked him one day if i do get an ultra glamorous job which pays well, if it would have an impact on him. He took a moment to think about it and finally said that it wouldn’t- given i don’t take him for granted because of it.
I don’t know why i’m suddenly talking about this but i just saw this picture on my tumblr ( and i felt at peace because this is how i’ve visualized my relationship heaven to be. Wherever i’ll go and wherever life takes me, he’ll be there to enjoy it with me, side by side.

That’s all.