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Hideous green houses + Seeing sense in sensible granny sweaters + Extremely long weekend wasted

11 a.m.: Currently just sat down on the third floor common room, with this view in front of me.


Much gloom, such misery

I love that we have such a great rooftop spot to chill on (including another steeper one right on top of the literal roof) but i don’t love that puke green house that is an eyesore. It’s hideous and it completely impedes the view (which if i’m being completely honest, isn’t all that great in the daytime because of it). Lol i actually wanted to be all self-reflectory and sit on the patio itself with my laptop but it started drizzling so i just have to be content with these communal velvet chairs. Lol

I knew Bandung would be cold because tons of people warned me about it but was nowhere expecting it to be like “sweater weather 24/7″ sort of cold, especially since it’s raining season now. I’ve been here all of a week and i’ve already bought three sweaters and one cardigan and believe me, sweaters are really usually not my thing (umm they make me look twice my size like a walking snowball) since there’s also rarely use for them in the Bruneian equatorial weather. I pride myself on my love for the cold but damn son, those granny hand-knitted sweaters be all the rage in my wardrobe right now.

Don’t judge, Bridget. It’s very practical!

12.58 a.m.: Earlier today the guy came in to fix my television! Weeeee! Cause instead of taking it out of my rent which is like $30 extra per month, my boyfriend talked some sense into me and managed to convince me to let him buy a television instead since he calculated that it would cost around the same price and i’d get to keep it in the end as well. Pretty smart eh? Well idk if the joke’s on me or not since i’ll be the one dealing with it when i leave Bandung but for now, i’m just glad it’s finally working! Initially no one could get it to work because there was something wrong with the antenna so they told me to wait while they got in touch with the service provider but i waited and waited an entire week and still nothing. I even considered that they were delaying the repairs since i chose to bring my own tv instead of renting one of theirs but lol no.

I don’t think i have plans for the weekend yet…sadly enough. I purposely avoided signing up for any modules on Friday so i’ll be able to start my weekend early (like, really early cause my Thursday classes end by 11am HEE) but at this point, it’s driving me crazy having so much time on my hands and having no way to fill them. Everything just feels so uncertain right now, i’m not sure if i’m pms-ing or if like the rest say, it’s still too early to go exploring yet or if this is really just a part of the process settling down. But i dislike this feeling of being on the edge…it feels oddly disconcerting. Almost too comfortable to the point of discomfort because i don’t fancy the idea of making this whole “staying in and going to the same two malls every other day” ordeal into a norm. I wish i could say that same for the people i’m with but i can’t. All i can say right now is that these people are legit homebodies and i’m…not really.

Okay i’m getting sort of sleepy but you know, since i have no plans anyway, i’ll most likely start watching Downton Abbey again. That’s all for now! xx

Fashion classes + Making friends + Ibu ibu grocery shopping

3:03 pm: Just got back from “Fashion History” class! I was really quite pleasantly surprised that it was fashion courses are offered as part of the syllabus. I absolutely love it but the lecturer is a total snoozeball, like how can you make fashion sound so boring?! He droned on and on and he took 5 second pauses in between sentences which meant that a lot of the time i’d already forgotten the first part of what he was saying.

Basically me during early morning classes

So far i’ve only attended two classes since my supervisor only got back to me mid-week which meant that by then i’d already missed the classes on Monday and Tuesday. Currently, as exchange students we’re still in the “window shopping” phase considering this is like our trial week so we get to attend any class that we’re interested in then decide on which ones we can cope and which ones are a total snoozefest and need to be skipped. And i don’t want to sound braggy or anything but i’m totally proud of my grasp on the Indonesian language. I feel so fluent that it has almost evolved into second language for me whereas if a local had asked me a question less than a year ago, i would’ve cowered behind my boyfriend or thrusted Google translate into their faces.

About making friends though, it has been interesting so far, i’ve figured out weirdly enough that it’s much more easier for me to make friends when i’m surrounded with my own friends. Lol. Perhaps it just gives me that extra boost of confidence or maybe i’m just more comfortable with that idea that i have backup with me if the whole socializing thing doesn’t work out. I didn’t really make friends in “Fashion History” class just now but…oh well, if worse comes to worst, i can always remind myself that i’m here to study anyway.

So i’m now just yeah, just chilling on the toilet seat. I feel like lately my favourite spot to type on is in the toilet. It’s great that it’s en suite so i can just leave the door open and let the aircon in (note to self on future house: always have air-condition in the toilet). My friend (one of the other exchange students also from Brunei) wanted us to have lunch together and since i didn’t want to offend her eventhough i’d already eaten my fried rice in my room so i went down to the ground floor kitchen and cooked myself some instant macaroni and cheese (if there was any excuse to be a fat ass this would be it). So now she wants us to head out to a supermarket to get some groceries.

I’m not even exaggerating when i say that these girls are not kidding when they say “groceries”, nu-uh they’re not using it in a loose young adult way like i do when i use it as code for “snacks, instant noodles and chicken nuggets”, these girls mean business– as in full blown raw whole chicken, vegetables, fruits, tinned food, fish etc. Meanwhile i just like to sleep. Like, i just want to take a nap in my comfy bed in the best weather than Indonesia can offer and not go out for the next 24 hours. That’s what i need.

And that’s what i’m going to do now.

I thought i was going to write a pms-fueled rant but this turned out to be a more serene post than i imagined. Lol. Maybe i just needed a breather from people. If they do successfully end up dragging me out of bed for grocery shopping today, at least i can stock up on Baskin Robbins’ caramel praline cheesecake. YASSSSSSS

Helloa from Bandung! + Solo traveling woes + Apartment troubles

I actually wrote a post before this but decided to remove it just because i felt like it was very half-arsed and badly done and i’d rather take a break from my writing streak *suppreses a sob* rather than forcing myself to put something out just for the sake of updating my home page.

In case, it isn’t clearrrrr. I’ve already reached Bandunggggg! Wiheeeeeee

I totes had to travel on my own this time and eugh that was a major bitch because i’m so used to having my boyfriend push and pull me in every direction “immigration here” “give your boarding pass there” “passport, immigration form here okay you can go shopping now” — lol i know i sound so dependent but it’s really convenient for me traveling with someone else. It’s not that i’m not capable of doing so (i’ve traveled on my own before this) but because i’m so babied all the time by my boyfriend, i just sort of ease into taking orders from someone else without ever bothering to find out on my own. So this was great as it gave me a chance to sort things out on my own and figure shit out despite there being a few moments of mild anxiety and frustrated texts exchanged.

Like when one of my two luggages got lost during my transit at Singapore Changi airport and i was the only one left standing at the carousel.


*tumbleweeds tumbleweeds cricket cricket* HELLO, IS MY LUGGAGE IN THERE?

Like, what are the freaking odds of it happening to me? A solo passenger with highly bimbotic tendencies who’s making a move from one country to another. Like, the universe could have picked anyone. Anyone. But anyway thank God it was just a slight error. At the beginning i was freaking out because the baggage attendant told me that “oh it’s just a mistake your luggage has already gone to Bandung since that’s your main destination” but in my head, she has no evidence whatsoever and i didn’t want her to just wash her hands off my situation. So i finally left for the SilkAir counter which was my next airline and i told them and i turns out that the mistake was that the luggage i had with me should have never come out in the first place, as in BOTH of them should have gone straight to Bandung. But the thing is no one had ever told me that! Oh wells.

But i’m absolutely in love with Changi airport though. Everything is so bright and shiny and beautiful and requires so much money. Lol. In the end i did get a school bag during my three hour transit which wasn’t nearly enough time because the gate opened at 2.50 and at 2.40 i was still caught up at Charles and Keith (which btw was fucking cheap euuuugh i didn’t get anythingggg).


In the end i settled for a large Longchamp Le Pliage in all black which will fit in all my books and folders nicely. I love it! Just a tad too huge for everyday use but whatevs. Lol such a shitty pictures! But i was just soo freaking tired. Two unconnecting flights later and 30 kgs of combined baggage weight (not including my other 7kgs from my hand carry i had to lug around) a disastrous arrival at Bandung airport which was rundown, crowded and had a baggage carousel the length of my bed and another 2 hours of looking for the apartment with my ex-colleague who had picked me up from the airport, i finally found the place i’m staying at. WHEW.

To be honest, i actually had really low expectations for my first night because of how i wasn’t really “getting along” with the people that i was supposedly supposed to go to Bandung with. Just a lot of miscommunication, misunderstandings and misconceptions. In my head, i was literally going to be on my own during the entire night (with no pillows or bed sheets because they were still back in Jakarta) probably ordering some pizza and eating in a silent room with only my laptop for company while the others were out having fun and ignoring their phones. But it turns out that they’re a really nice bunch of people (who have their flaws as humans are prone to) who were really nice to me and came to pick me up and carry my things from the lobby. They even waited for me to have dinner before leaving the house so that was great. Reality vs. expectations worked out for the better in this case!

I know if some of you read the post before this i was kind of bitchy and standoffish about the whole thing but i guess how i feel about everything relies heavily on my mood. Hahahaha. Anyway i’m going to head down (after finishing my Simpsons episode) and hang out with the others while waiting for our food deliveries to arrive. The place is pretty great for gathering and hanging out, it’s called the Rooftop since it has this amazing huge rooftop and an even better roof right on top for a better view overlooking the city. There are 63 rooms altogether so there’s lots of space for chilling and yet not too packed that it gets stifling. But what do i know, it’s only been five days. Lol ask me again in a month!

Been planning lots of trips down to Jakarta because Bandung is great for the weather and all but i know Jakarta better and i feel like it has my best interests at heart. Better taxis, better clubs, better bars, better restaurants, just all round better. Looking for taxis has been an absolute bitch so far, i’m just so over it. The place that i’m staying at is great but at the same time, not so great because it’s so far in in this posh neighborhood that taxis hardly go in there, no food carts, no restaurants and we have to walk all the way out to the main road to access any shops. Creyes.

Okay this is turning into an essay. I’ve actually been writing this since 1pm right after i woke up… it’s currently 8.15pm hahaha. Stupid interruptions, stupid rain. More in my next post about my sprained ankle and my new uni for an entire semester!

That’s all for now! xx

Superstitious and not just cause i’m Asian + Rush rush rush + Aiming for best girlfriend OTY award

Today is the day before i fly off! I’m so superstitious in the sense that you would never catch me saying something like, “today is my last day” because i feel like it’s bad luck. You catch what you throw but like, you never know when the universe might misunderstand you and literally grant you whatever it is you’ve just said. For example, if someone were to say, “give me a last hug before i go” like you could literally be giving your last. hug. ever. Creyes. Or maybe it’s just my Asian roots showing. Lol

It’s currently 5.25 a.m. and i’m really gearing up for a long, long day ahead tomorrow filled with last minute errands, a last minute lunch date, lots of packing and a fair amount of photocopying documents. Oh and lots of driving around but i don’t mind that bit, i love driving (even if being a passenger scares the hell out of me sometimes) plus i won’t be doing any driving where i’m going so i’m going to savour that bit. Oh and scratch that “lots of packing” bit, i don’t plan on bringing shitloads of things other than the bare necessities because well, i learnt my lesson the hard way the last time. Lol. I feel like the more old clothes i bring with me, the less new ones i bring back because seriously, i thought i did lots of shopping while i was doing my internship in Jakarta but when i came back i realized how completely untrue and inaccurate i was.

But then again, knowing myself, “bare necessities” will still mean four different perfumes, five different cleansing waters/ oils/ creams/ wipes/ balm and some old face moisturizers that i tell myself i’ll finish over there.

“I fucking hate packing.”

I actually had two paragraphs written about something to do with my relationship with my boyfriend but i got so embarrassed halfway through that i’ve decided to deposit it into my draft box and just let it simmer there for a bit before i go back and review it…and see if i still feel comfortable divulging to that saucy extent. HAHAHA.

I’m going to sleep nowwwww because i actually planned to wake up at 9 a.m. (eventhough it’s already 5.51 a.m. lolz) to cook some garlic fried rice for Demsie since he loves the one from the Japanese restaurant that we frequent. Then i’m going to wrap up his Valentine’s present then head to his staffhouse and leave it with his neighbor so she can surprise him with it on the actual day since i won’t be in Brunei on the actual day. Then i’m going to call up my uncle and confirm that he can give away one his newborn puppies to Demitri once they start to get on their feet and open their eyes because i’m so terrified he’s going to mope when i’m there. He can be so so mushy at times.

But i’m actually so proud of myself for getting his present so early though because i usually really, really suck at gifting anyone with anything. Last year during my birthday, he managed to get an entire vase of flowers as well as my gift  delivered right to my room while he was in Brunei and i was in Jakarta and then he did it again for our anniversary. And uh…both times i failed to think of anything to reciprocate in anyway. Shitty me.

But i plan on being more organized this year (i think) which is why i bought it the moment i got my allowance from the university this afternoon. Weeeeee.

Okay no really, i’m going to sleep now. Goodnight! That’s all. xx

P.s. I just read through this post and it is just here and there and everywhere in terms of structure and content. Haha. I don’t even think i had anything in mind when i started typing tbh. I didn’t even plan to post anything tonight at all because like every other night, i thought i’d be sensibly getting a good night’s rest to prepare for the long, long two days ahead of me.



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