Sometimes i catch myself being immersed in what i think is a really bad habit, from what i’ve heard as well as from a logical sense.

Sometimes i look at someone’s pictures on instagram or facebook and i subconsciously think to myself “wow, i want to be happy like that too”. And it’s actually just a nice picture of someone having a good day or eating at some nice, fancy restaurant or having icecream.

Then i catch myself and i remember what one of my closest friends told me when i confessed to something like this, “Never compare your reality to another person’s highlight reel”. Useful advice that i try to always keep in mind when moments like this pop up.

I just have to tell myself over and over again that my time will come in the near future and even if i’m still gearing up to live the life i want, that doesn’t mean i can’t find happiness in another way in the meantime.

What other people do doesn’t matter because if i try to emulate what other people have, at the end i’ll just have a carbon copy of what i think is another person’s happiness (which may or may not have even been the case anyway, filters do really make a difference hahaha). And who knows, these may be the prime years of their lives, for all anyone may know they may actually lead really sucky lives and careers in the future. K bitchay not that i’m wishing it on them or anything hahaha

I need to find what makes me tick and i need to be grateful for what i have. I can’t spend my days prepping myself up for “my future life” and let my present slip away just like that. Only to look back and find out that all along i was living out “the good ol’ days” and i never knew it, instead i willed it all away for an indeterminable future.

So thank you, God, for blessing me with the life i have now. It may not be picture perfect all the time but where it lacks in some areas, it makes up by being irreplaceable in others.


A Dry Spell

So in my previous post i was whining about how dry my skin has been lately with an empty promise of some pictures the next day WHICH DIDN’T HAPPEN FOR A GOOD REASON. My skin rehydrated on its own by the next day! Yayyy! Well not completely on its own…which is precisely what this post is about.

P.s. Before i launch into the products that i’ve been using, if i tend to sound juvenile throughout my skin care posts, please excuse me- i’m relatively new to the world of skin care! Oddly enough. It’s probably because i’ve had acne for the entire duration of my teenage years so my main focus has always been on acne related products before this as much as i had liked to try on other things. Because what’s the point of having products which promise to “whiten and add radiance and shrink pores etc.” when i still have pimples on top of it anyway? 

So anyway, to fight all this…dryness, i’ve been slapping on moisturizer like craycray and drinking lots of water. Believe it or not, i sometimes only have like a few sips of water a day because…idk. It’s just something i forget to do usually. For moisturizer, because of my oily combination skin, i try to stay away from oil-based lotions because eugh i cannot stand the grease that appears on my face. So instead i use Garnier’s Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream.


I love everything about it (other than the fact that i have to dig it out of a tub or fuss with a spatula). You can tell that it’s super moisturising because it leaves a film on your skin (which some people may not like but i do), sort of how it feels with expensive face oils or if you were to use a sleeping facial mask before bed. It’s not greasy but you can tell that you have it on. Not ideal for pre-makeup but i prefer using it when i’m lounging at home or before hitting the sheets. Oh and it’s cheap as chips which is always a plus point!

Other than that, on days when i need some moisture but not an oil spill, the Boots Skin Clear Mattifying Lotion has been a godsend.

Another suuuuper affordable drugstore product (i think it was only about 200 baht when i bought it in Bangkok! Ahhh!). It goes on like a dream for people with oily-prone skin which makes it perfect for pre-makeup usage. It quickly dries off in a semi-powder like consistency which i sew appreciate. However, i tend to stay away from it during especially dry spells because i sometimes feel like it focuses more on absorbing oil rather than moisturising.

On top of my moisturizer and whatnot, i just add my trusty Bio Serum on the areas where it’s dryest and has most blemishes a.k.a. my cheeks.

Because i’m so afraid of dehydrating my skin any further, my facial foams  have been banished to a dark corner. OKAY HOLD UP. Let’s just clear things up for a moment. When i say “facial foams”, i really mean a classic face wash which comes out of a normal tube and lathers into a foam a.k.a. something like this. Foam cleansers are known for stripping away natural oils, sometimes leaving your face feeling really tight. I like that squeaky clean feeling sometimes because you can tell your face has really been cleansed but eugh i can’t- not now at least.

So i’ve been sticking to gel cleaners (which i actually don’t like because wth they don’t even foam so sometimes it feels and looks like i’m just washing my face with viscous water) such as my TEA TREE SKIN CLEARING FACIAL WASH from Body Shop. It doesn’t strip my face off its moisture  and it also feels super gentle. I honestly don’t notice any visible effects from using this but somehow in some way i feel like its working underneath to keep my spots at bay. Ya get?

“Yeah i get”

I’m so glad that my skin is back to normal finally! If i had to choose, i’d prefer to have drier skin instead of a grease pan tobe completely honest. But all in all, i’m so grateful that i haven’t had pimples in a while. Now i can finally focus on other aspects of my skin! <3


Skin Update: A Terribly Dry Spell

So i’ve been going through a strong beauty phase recently, as in i’ve been in and out of beauty blogs/vlogs/videos etc. for weeks and weeks on end! It’s not like i don’t already do this on a normal basis but lately it’s been more intense than usual. I’m going to say that it has something to do with the fact that i’ve finally had my first taste of a proper skin care regime. Because usually i buy one product and i stick with it until it finishes and only then do i buy a new one. But lately i’ve been building my collection up which means i have more variety which equals to more chances to experiment and to get to know my skin better.

Unfortunately i’ve also gotten familiar with the common woes of beauty hoarders all around- so little face so many products to try on. Sigh.

Lately i have been going through an INTENSE dry spell on my face! Although i am glad to say that it has been a considerably long time a.k.a. months since i last broke out :D I mean other than the odd few pimples, everything has been unusually smooth going (and i actually waited for a month before i could truly say that for sure!).

However, eugh EUUUGH it feels so dry! I guess i really should have some pictures for you guys but :( i’m so not up to posting pictures here yet but hopefully soon! I have combination skin which means that my complexion can get really oily but if i overdo on the oil stripping products it can get really dehydrated and start flaking really fast.

I usually don’t notice that much when my skin breaks out but this time- you could literally see this thin layer of skin on my cheeks creasing near my nose whenever i smiled. And i’m only freaking 21. They aren’t wrinkles, more like…creases that need to be ironed out. It looks as if there’s rice paper on my face! I was sitting in my boyfriend’s car the other day and okay, God knows i love my aircon and all, but i just could not stand the sensation of it blowing on my face, everything just felt so tight and almost irritated.

So all in all, my face has been on the drier end, HOWEVER, plot twist! I honestly feel that this is better than breaking out because in a way it’s so much easier to treat dehydrated skin and to take it into your own hands rather than trying to heal sensitive and acne ridden skin.

Okay you know what, i will take a picture of my skin soon if it’s still dry and creasy and i’ll update it here along with a new post with the products i’m using at the moment! I suppose i shouldn’t post this yet since i might update it tomorrow but i can’t help it! I miss blogging! And this space needs some urgent loving! 

Til tomorrow!


Fashion Journalism FTW

I probably should have posted this much earlier but i really wasn’t up for blogging at the beginning of the year (albeit it being a part of my resolutions) but now that i’ve started going again, i hope this time it’s for good! Blogging is so much fun and it really stimulates me and provides an outlet for all my thoughts. It took me about 5 consecutive tweets about a particular topic and a whole lot of summarising (which i hate) to make me realize that….deep down, the writer in me is still fighting to stay alive. So why force myself to condense everything into a 150 characters when i have my blog to write in to my heart’s delight! And ta-dah here i am!

So i never mentioned it anywhere on here but i write fashion articles at College Fashionista as well! It’s an online fashion website focussed mainly on college students and every week i go scouting for fashionable students around campus as well as outside. At the beginning, i predicted that i’d be writing on fashionable females most of the time but, boy, was i wrong. I feel like half the time i’m writing about guys as well which is really quite surprising because i had no idea that guys were getting so stylish right underneath my nose! But what’s even more surprising is that I really have so much fun photographing them and even writing about them because i never had any prior interest whatsoever in men’s fashion. This week’s subject is no exception:


I love coming up with quirky, punny titles for my articles! My articles come out every Monday at 10am EST under the Style Advice Of The Week column so be sure to check them out at this link (you can just search “University of Brunei Darussalam” or even just “Brunei”, i’m proud to say that i am the first ever Bruneian Style Guru for College Fashionista!).

Enjoy! ;)


Getting Unready

On my trip to Bangkok two weeks ago, it goes without saying that i went beauty crazy at Boots! I think it’s wonderful that Thailand has their own Boots while the rest of us (a.k.a. Bruneians) have to make do with our paltry drugstore supply from Guardian and Paloma. 3000 baht and 45 minutes later i emerged armed with skincare products to last me…about two months. I’m feeling a mini haul post tbh but i just haven’t gotten around to it. I feel so sleepy all the freaking time! :’(

So i was watching a video by Chloe Morello, another fabulous beauty guru i discovered a few nights ago (i know i know it seems like it was only yesterday i was professing my undying love for Amelia Liana! I know, i’m so unfaithful!) and i came across her “Get Unready with Me” video.

I love the whole process of removing makeup and making sure your skin is purified and clean after a whole day of covering it in beauty junk. I have to confess I didn’t always appreciate the hassle but after upping my skincare inventory, it’s only expected that i want to put all those products to full use!

But okay assuming you’ve watched it, tell me i wasn’t the only one astounded that she didn’t use any water at all. AND i’m not talking about micellar water, i’m talking about actual water from a sink. Is this normal? It never occurred to me that some people actually believe that removal wipes do a complete job of removing grime. Also, what about the strong chemicals that makeup removers contain which help dissolve the particles? Do you not need to wash that off along with the remnants of dissolved makeup that slide around your face during the whole wiping process? :/

What i usually like to do is if i’m wearing only light makeup, i use my No7 cleansing water for normal/oily skin on a cotton disque and then double cleanse with water after. But when i’m piling the warpaint on obviously only an oil-based makeup remover will do the job along with a wipe or some cleansing cream applied straight to the face. But no matter what the process is never complete without a proper rinse with water after :O

Now i’m obviously no beauty guru but this is just my two cents on the whole cleansing wipe fiasco. A few youtubers and bloggers have condemned wipes to beauty purgatory but in my opinion, they’re a godsend! Provided you, say it with me, double cleanse with water after.

Ta-daah here are some pictures of water to convince you if you haven’t already been convinced






There’s A Haul In My Heart

So today i spent the entire day doing what i felt was a little bit of everything- which makes me feel really good! I like being productive with a great outcome at the end of the day, especially if i get to fit in some leisurely activities while i’m at it. So i spent seven hours just sorting out my clothes rack which is about… 1/6 of my room- so sue me!

But I take pride in those seven hours because in between that, i got my nails done, shaped my brows, wrote my first blog post here in months and… watched tons and tons of beauty videos yayyyyyy meeeee

Getting plastered on youtube probably isn’t anyone’s idea of being productive but it just makes me feel so knowledgeable after i do and it inspires me as well. And if you need further proof of that, please read this paragraph ^ again.

Delving further into youtube videos, I find that certain beauty gurus such as essiebutton, Amelia Liana and itsjudytime emanate a glow within them when they’re talking about beauty products. I don’t know about you but just watching all that makeup and skin care products just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, i guess it’s how my little sister feels when she watches Princess Sophia the First. Hmm. I love beauty gurus who know their thang and it’s even better when they’re all sweet and bubbly and pretty and nice, sort of like your best friends that you’ve never met before. Sigh

Some times when i need a break from watching beauty hauls, i diverge into clothing hauls. It’s so weird that people actually go shopping and then post videos of what they bought online for strangers to watch. But it’s even weirder when these strangers actually want to watch them. Personally, it’s nothing to do with the voyeuristic qualities (save that for the vlog watchers!) but more for the love of everything beautiful in a lady’s world! You want to share what you’ve got, you want to put it out there for the world to see! And as viewers, even if you already have the products or you don’t, it’s all about squeezing every bit of satisfaction and information that you can get about that lipstick or lip polish or lip balm stain or lip lacquer or lip gloss or lip glass or lipglaze or lip pencil or lip crayon! AHHHHH

Okay. I’m starting to sound insane. Before i completely go off the hook, i’m going to end here with some of my favourite videos from today!

I know i mentioned her earlier but i literally just discovered Amelia Liana today and from this video! Haven’t stopped watching her for the past 4 hours. Also, Essie is my absolute favourite beauty vlogger of all time. She always just looks so radiant and pastel-ly in her videos! Ahh <3




Dress Me Down, Darling

So i was watching some videos from Clothes Encounter’s Jenn Im and there was one titled “Toning Down Bold Pieces”. It just got me thinking of how suffocated I am- style wise- in this community. If Jenn Im (who lives in California) feels the need to tone down her faux fur coats, then what about me?! There are days where even my cardigans feel too dressy! It’s just a very unstimulating environment where everyone dresses mainly for comfort, other than a small minority of people who still bother to follow a colour scheme. Although i must add, i can’t exactly blame them because a) Brunei isn’t exactly fashion central, it’s not like we have fashion shows and glamorous dinner parties to attend every night and b) THIS. Read it and weep.

I personally feel that as a result of this my personal style is dwindling down to much safer and conservative pieces, which is heart wrenching considering my fantasy of making a career out of the fashion industry at some point in my life! Oh well. I’ll try to fight this darkness… by giving my outfit more thought than usual for tomorrow! It’s a start, right?

Here’s the video i was watching (on an unrelated note, i don’t think she did a good job of toning down that faux fur jacket, if anything, she sort of made a parade out of it with that hat. It’s a good look but it doesn’t exactly define “toned down”, does it?):